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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Experts are now advising that the daily intake of calories should be increased by 16%

BBC News reports change in calorie intake advice. Apparently the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition is now advising that the daily intake of calories should be increased by 16%, but that this increase in calories in should be accompanied by increasing exercise, i.e. calories out. - If you think that this advice sounds amazingly like maintaining the status quo, then you and I are in agreement.

Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, ever-ready with an ill-judged comment laced with prejudice against a stereotype of overweight people, said it was a "dangerous assumption" to say that adults could safely consume an extra 400 calories a day. What nonsense! Slim people regularly eat far in excess of the recommended daily calorie allowance and never gain weight.

I say again that excess calorie consumption is not what is causing increasing numbers of overweight and obese people. The cause is fluid retention/salt sensitivity, occasioned mainly by
1) prescription drugs that weaken blood vessel walls and impair kidney function,
2) salt-laden processed foods and
3) dangerously ill-informed advice from doctors, nutritionists and the dieting industry.

Avoiding salt and salty food is the SAFE, healthy, natural, effective, RAPID way to lose weight!

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