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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Conclusion and cash damages at long last for former child victims of sex abuse in Catholic children's homes decades ago in Liverpool

See today's report in The Observer. To wait 21 years for a legal case to end is surely a perversion of justice even though, thankfully, there is now vindication and closure for the victims. "Justice Delayed is Justice Denied", is a sentiment often quoted in such long-drawn-out cases, and it is surely true. When victims, as well as suffering physical and emotional damage, also have their truthfulness impugned, a delay of over 20 years for a judgment in their favour adds insult to injury.

Well I'm very pleased for the victims that they have won through, and I congratulate them on their courage and tenacity in not letting their tormentors get away with it. But at what terrible corrosive cost to their lives!

Surely some way could be found to speed the Law's process!

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