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Thursday, 5 May 2011

The medical drug-pushers are at it again: Wald still pressing for his polypills to be routinely prescribed to over-55s

In this BBC News report Professor Sir Nicholas Wald makes the dubious claim that when assessing the risk of heart problems, offering drugs to lower cholesterol and blood pressure to all over-55s has the same results as testing for cholesterol or blood pressure problems. He also says it would be simpler and cost effective. Well it might be simpler, and it might very well be cost-effective for Wald himself (see some discussion here of possible conflict of interest, since Wald and Law own a patent on the idea of the polypill) but I strongly doubt that there would be any gain for the NHS.

Statins are drugs that lower cholesterol and Wald wants statins to be part of the polypills. Statins are extremely profitable for drug manufacturers, but they do more harm than good to most of the people who take them. - Click on the STATINS label below this post to see lots of information about this.

There is a simple, safe, cost-free, drug-free way to lower high blood pressure, improve heart health and reduce heart attacks and strokes and many other degenerative illnesses for the over-55s - or indeed for any other age. - That is for GPs and other healthcare professionals seriously to explain to patients and the general public the huge health benefits from eating less salt and salty food. An even more effective measure would be to have a Secretary of State for Health with the guts and sense and decency to push through statutory upper limits for the amount of salt/sodium permitted to be added to processed foods, and especially to bread, which is usually high in salt and yet is a large part of most people's diet. He should also ban the food industry's use of synthetic transfats as additives to biscuits, cakes etc. And he should remove the food and drink manufacturers from the Dept of Health committee that advises on what to do about obesity.

Here's another good idea: tell the truth about Saturated Fats. - You may like to spare 2min 35secs to watch the excellent little video on this page.


  1. Posted something about this on my blog yesterday and a blog devoted to Law and Wald's constant self publicity about their 'patented' pill a while back.

    If you actually look at the study on PLos one it will be seen to be a 'Monte Carlo'substitution study. That's a grandeous statistical pile of guesswork dressed up as science, for the uninitiated.

  2. I have had high blood pressure since last year and cant get it to go down no matter if I have lost weight. I eat healthy loads of fruit, no added salt and cook from scratch.
    The only time I use salt is to deicy the path.
    Do you think I am gainign extra salt from somewhere or not.

  3. Hi seaweed

    You say that the high blood pressure started last year. Can you think what had changed in your life at that time? Maybe that change is what caused the rise in your blood pressure.

    e.g. There are many prescription drugs that cause blood pressure to rise. These include steroids, anti-depressants, anti-epileptics, anti-psychotics, and to a lesser extent, painkillers of the NSAID kind.