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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sometimes 'just' just isn't 'le mot juste'

Sometimes 'just' just isn't 'le mot juste' (the right word). The most glaring instance of this, in my opinion, is when a member of that huge group - the Uninformed and Unthinking - intones that Big Untruth, namely that "Losing weight is easy. You just have to eat less and move more." - Just say NO to that nonsense. It isn't true. It doesn't work. - Here is a safe, easy way to lose excess weight: cut down on salt and salty food.


  1. wow that is cool but here is one problem those people who have low blood pressure problem then they have to take a little bit more salt. other wise they will faint.

  2. Obesity is associated with high blood pressure, rather than low blood pressure.

    Obese people following the bad advice to 'just eat less and move more' are very likely to faint because of inadequate food/nutrition. They are highly unlikely to faint from reducing salt intake.