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Saturday, 2 June 2007

Global Warming issues.

Abuse and incompetence in fight against global warming - The Guardian


"A Guardian investigation has found evidence of serious irregularities at the heart of the process the world is relying on to control global warming.

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which is supposed to offset greenhouse gases emitted in the developed world by selling carbon credits from elsewhere, has been contaminated by gross incompetence, rule-breaking and possible fraud by companies in the developing world, according to UN paperwork, an unpublished expert report and alarming feedback from projects on the ground."

A change in the moral climate? - Sir David Attenborough speaks about Global Warming in The Guardian.


"The environmentalist and veteran broadcaster said: "I am perfectly persuaded that the issue about global warming is a real one and we are headed for a great worsening of the conditions on this planet for life of all kinds. I have no doubt whatsoever of the cause, which is the byproducts of humanity's activities, and therefore we should be curbing them."

But it would be very difficult to impose limits on people's actions, such as their freedom to fly. "It is pie in the sky to say that everybody has got to stop doing everything. That's why the emphasis is on waste," he said, "Me of all people. I have spent my life swanning around the world on aeroplanes. How could I suddenly turn around and say it is wrong? What I'm saying is that we shouldn't be doing it for no good reason."

Sir David was speaking in advance of his Joseph Rotblat memorial lecture at the Guardian Hay festival today. Prof Rotblat was a nuclear physicist who received the Nobel peace prize for his campaign against nuclear weapons. The lecture is staged by the Weapons of Mass Destruction Awareness Programme and speakers are chosen annually for their significant contribution to communicating scientific issues to the public. Sir David will use his lecture to talk about the consequences of climate change for the natural world."

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  1. Dr. Francis T. Manns3 June 2007 at 16:59

    Models are GIGO. For instance, sequester enough CO2 and you starve plant life, cut down on oxygen and CO2, and freeze the planet. We will then need to burn the furniture to keep warm which could tip over into burning the remaining oxygen while we all choke in the cold. Sound incredible? It is.

    The planet has evolved mechanisms over geological time (4.5 billion years of trial and error) to protect itself. Earth’s climate varies for a lot of extraterrestrial reasons. The shortest period has to do with the interplay of solar activity and cosmic radiation from the Milky Way. During quiet periods of solar activity, like now, cosmic radiation penetrates the atmosphere and creates clouds where conditions permit. Over long periods this cools the earth. Most of the time however, sun’s magnetic activity induces earth’s geomagnetic field. The geomagnetic shields are up during most of the 11 year sun spot cycle. Earth’s cooling (1940-1965) and earth’s heating (balance of the 20th century) is 95% correlated to sunspot peak frequency. Short cycles induce cooling and long cycles induce warming. This is a magnificently balanced system because the total solar irradiance varies very little. The subtlety is the correlation with sunspot peak frequency. During the Maunder Minimum there were no sunspots and the world suffered through the Little Ice Age.

    CO2 has come out of the planet during 4.5 billion years of volcanic activity. Plants use CO2 to produce carbohydrates, oxygen and water vapour. Free oxygen is not produced by volcanoes. CO2 has the property of inverse solubility. Global warming from the sun forces CO2 out of the ocean in increasing quantities like warming beer. CO2 is the effect, not the cause of the warming. Moreover, the absorption wavelength for CO2 in the spectrum is filled. CO2 will not contribute any more heating. The analogy is adding a second Venetian blind to your window may not make the room any darker.

    Sea level is said to be rising (ICPP) at 2 – 3 mm a year. Since the Pleistocene it has risen 125 metres (6 mm a year) and most of the coastal tribes of the earth have a Noah. The coral reefs of the oceans have kept pace because of a symbiotic relationship with algae that keep them thriving in the sunlit surface of the sea no matter how fast sea level rises. Barrier bars like the Atlantic longshore bar are dynamic features that are fed sand by Piedmont rivers and maintain themselves in the surf zone. A summer beach is wide and fine and a winter beach is coarse and steep. Common sense needs to be applied.

    By the way modern coal-fired power plants produce electricity, water vapour and CO2; plant food not pollution. The US has enough coal and oil shale to support itself for 1,000 years. This AGW piece is political, not scientific, and is coming out on party lines.

  2. Regarding the NASA bias...It is pretty clear that Hansen's and Mahlman's comments are Argumentum ad Hominem because their careers at NASA have been hung on one weak nail - anthropocentric global warming. As it turns out many scientists, particularly geologists who have training in areas of Paleoclimate are not alarmed. Climate has always changed. ...and it has changed within a range that accommodates life on the planet. Earth has experienced billions upon billions of life giving and enhancing experiences over 4.5 billion years of evolution. This cycle is nothing new except rich prosperous people like Mr. Gore live longer and are able to manipulate the data in their minds to produce a powerful, if incorrect 'truth'. Climate is changing, change is bad. Mostly there is primitive fear of the unknown generated by opportunistic hypocrites to the detriment of the world’s marginal societies.
    Gore's movie is very stale; no new data. Data are produced every day that add to the sum of human knowledge.
    The IPCC has cooked the books on the Mann Hockey stick, which left out the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age. The IPCCs use of isotopes and CO2 measurements from ice core also miss these events which led to the occupation of Greenland, vinyards in England followed by human extinction in Greenland and Alpine villages being overrun by glaciers.
    CO2 was as high as 400ppm in 1942 only to fall again during the 1940-60 cooling period. It enters and leaves the ocean freely. CO2 has inverse solubility in water. It dissolves in cold water and bubbles out of warm. There is a beautiful equilibrium to all that that Mr. Gore and the IPCC do not care to mention or debate. All that is left is argumentum ad hominem about honest scientists who are saying "relax, the planet is fine." Instead there is a pseudoscientific McCarthyism in society that actually supports the left!
    You want argumentum ad hominem - How the heck did Hansen get out of grad school? Must be a ninety day wonder. I guess you can get a PhD with partial credit, honesty notwithstanding.
    ...As for Hansen's comment about sea level rise - It has risen 125 metres in the past 18,000 years and mankind survived. Divide 125,000 mm by 18,000 years and you can see for yourself how alarmist's can ring your bell... The current IPCC prediction is 2-3 mm per year. That's a miniscule amount on any ruler, and is compensated by isostacy, plate tectonics, and continental drift. Hansen and many others work in a vacuum or an ivory tower. The planet is a lot larger than their imagination.

    I welcome debate.

    Dr. Francis T. Manns