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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

For your health's sake, try CIY - Cook-It-Yourself.

There are many health benefits from cooking meals yourself instead of eating processed foods and takeaways. - You can reduce the amount of salt and sugar in the meal. (Ready meals are usually much higher in salt and sugar than are home-made meals.) You are in greater control of the quality of the ingredients that go into the meal. You can avoid dodgy additives like colourings/dyes and artificial flavourings and sweeteners, harmful 'flavour-enhancers' like MSG, bulking agents, preservatives, emulsifiers and all the rest of the witches' pharmacopoeia of the modern-day food technologist. And you can enjoy the satisfaction of having cooked the meal yourself.

If you are not too confident about your cooking, why not join a cookery class and learn/brush up on your skills along with others? Failing that, there are some excellent recipes and cooking videos available online. - Bon appétit!

Lose weight by eating less salt! - Go on! - Try it! - You will feel so much better!
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The site does not sell anything and has no banners or sponsors or adverts - just helpful information.

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  1. We as a family are having great fun with this!
    Over the past few years I'd battled to try and get my increasingly sluggish and often lazy, 'attitudy' teenagers to be more active and less miserable, not realising that the bulk of their time away from me was spent scoffing junk food with their friends... we talked (eventually!) and I got them to write down everything they'd like to eat on a regular basis or try as a one-off (as long as it contained 'proper food' and we could cook it together from scratch). We now do this together at almost every meal and they are calmer, slimmer, more energetic and skilled cooks who absolutely detest 'cardboard food'... a life lesson learned by all of us - and our life's a lot happier for it.