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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

One Planet:: I listened to a programme about GM crops on the World Service recently

The programme is called One Planet. You could listen on iPlayer to this half hour programme yourself and hear from a molecular geneticist why we should be guarding our planet from the continuing spread of GM characteristics and the warning that commercial GMOs are able to "spread in an uncontrolled way and we are stuck with the consequences of that." And you can hear Bolivia's president make clear that his country does not want genetically modified crops, nor dependence and loss of sovereignty to the multinationals. And hear also Dr Roger Beachy, 'the father of GM foods,' speak about 'scientific ignorance and our moral obligations.'

I suspect that you are reading this blogpost because you are not in favour of GM food, and that Dr Beachy's arguments will not find favour with you. But his words are well-rehearsed and may sound persuasive to some listeners. If that is the case for you, then I urge that as well as listening to this radio programme, you get hold of a copy of Food Inc. and have your mind opened to the realities of the unscrupulous bullying employed by the multinational companies who deal in GM crops. - Slick words do not equate with ethical practice.

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