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Sunday, 23 January 2011

I've had my vitamin D level tested and have received the result

As some of my readers will know, I have been taking Vitamin D3 supplements since last Spring, and have greatly benefited from them: feeling stronger, finding it much easier to get up from a chair, steadier on my feet so less likely to fall, etc. - Well last Wednesday I had a dental appointment. This entailed climbing steps. - Suddenly I found this sooo much easier! I didn't need to hold onto the handrail. - My leg muscles managed on their own.

So the benefits of my vitamin D3 supplements are continuing to increase. And I've not had a cold or flu or any other respiratory infection since I started seriously supplementing with this vitamin. - It's my favourite vitamin now...(o: It has helped me so much.

I recently sent off for a home testing kit to get my vitamin D level measured and I received the results a week or two ago. I am informed that most experts consider the optimal level for health to be 50-70ng/nl, and mine was found to be 52ng/ml, so that's fine. - I reckon it shows clearly that I certainly needed the supplementation! I shall continue supplementing. I feel so much stronger.

There is a great deal of research these days that shows vitamin D deficiency to be common, especially in people who cannot get out into the sunshine in the summer to build up their stores of the sunshine vitamin. Maybe you too could benefit from taking vitamin D3 tablets. Especially if you are unsteady on your feet as I was, or have had a fracture from a fall, or find it difficult to rise from a chair or to climb stairs, or you repeatedly catch colds - maybe your doctor would consider it a good idea to arrange for you to have your vit D level checked and then take it from there. - It's worth checking, don't you think, for the sake of your health? There's more information about vitamin D on my Fat Retention webpage.


  1. Really pleased to hear you have achieved the level you have Margaret. I would be interested to know your level of supplementation that brought this about. I have not ventured beyond 5000iu, as yet, but have not had a test for a while, to give it time. I also use the oil based capsule, of cholicalciferol, which I believe has better absorption than some others.

    It's good to have some anecdotal evidence from one such as yourself, as to efficacy. It is often difficult to differrentiate between the various factors, when you are undertaking multiple interventions in your health, such as I am, with Omega 3, Vitamin C and CoQ10, to understand which is benefiting the most and indeed the time needed for effect. I suspect that Vit D and C are probably the one's most helpfull in winter however.

  2. Blackdog: I have been taking 7500iu daily. I think that might well be too high for a lot of people, but I believe that as a steroid victim, with fragile bones and muscle weakness, I was particularly in need. That I was particularly in need is indeed clear, since after taking that pretty high dose I do not have too high a level even now.

  3. you can get the home test vitamin D test at www.vitaminD3world.com