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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Government Ministers and possible conflicts of interest

There is a pretence that when UK government ministers put their financial investments into a blind trust this frees them from conflicts of interest in the decisions they make as ministers. (See Guardian report and the Comments beneath the report.) People who believe this nonsense, I suspect, spend quite a lot of their time away with the fairies... No doubt they also believe those members of the medical profession who claim that their financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry in no way influence their decisions about which drugs to prescribe/recommend?


  1. It isn't just the Cabinet; there is a 'revolving door' between Whitehall generally and the Banks, Accountants and 'Big Pharma' with no-one it has not touched. This tawdry bunch we have in power at the moment are hell bent on 'privatising' just about everything they can. And making sure their cronies are handsomely paid off, if they fall victim to any of the cuts. They're even worse than Blair's lot and that's saying something!¬

  2. The big pharmaceutical companies are very goog at monopolizing the health market and ensuring that no other type of health treatment is considered by GP's. I think that the moves to give GPs power might help change this, but still there is a long way to go.