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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Come on now - you can't still believe, can you, that psychoactive drugs are safe?

Come on now - you can't still believe, can you, that psychoactive drugs are safe? or intended to help patients? or that the drug companies, and the many venal medics ensconced in their capacious cash-filled pockets, have the slightest concern for anyone's health and well-being but their own?

If you do still believe that the intentions of those with vested self-serving interests are honourable, then I suggest you read these recent articles: Alliance for Human Research Protection's The Real Biederman Scandal and Gaia Health's Big Pharma Spends $95 Thousand Per Doctor on Marketing Each Year and this kxon.com whistle-blower story.

Your health is your most precious possession and your brain is not infinitely elastic. - Say NO! to psychotropic drugs. And do what you can to protect others from them - especially children. There is growing and widespread unease among decent healthcare professionals at the harm being done by these dangerous drugs and the criminal drug companies - especially to children.

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