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Friday, 22 July 2011

Diet Drinks will not help you lose weight or inches

Calorie-free Diet Drinks will not help you to lose weight or inches and they are particularly bad for your waistline. Read about the harm done by artificial sweeteners in this excellent article from the Daily Mail. In general it is best to avoid putting synthetic chemicals into your body.

Good, safe, natural ways to lose excess weight and reduce your waist measurement are to cut down on salt/sodium and salty food and to eat plenty of vegetables and fruit. - The natural potassium in vegetables and fruit displaces some of the sodium from the body. The body then loses some of the excess fluid it has been holding in the bloodstream. This extra fluid (water weight) is excreted in the urine and so you lose weight, have more vitality, feel tons better and less bloated, can think more clearly and move more easily, and altogether you will be sooo pleased with your new, healthier, happier self that I hope you will be motivated to make lower sodium intake a permanent feature of your (longer) life...(o: - Read also about safe, natural ways to reduce Fat Retention.

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