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Sunday, 2 March 2008

Further example of Steroid Victims in the UK - the carer who came to help me this morning.

I developed radial nerve damage and lymphoedema in my right arm and hand last year because after I had broken my arm and it needed an operation to fix it, but at the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield I was left for almost a fortnight in a splint, despite my explaining countless times that I am a steroid victim and therefore should not have had the pressure of a splint on my arm because of my skin being so thin and delicate and my veins also being so delicate.

In consequence I have to have carers to come and help me to get washed and dressed. - The one who came this morning was new to me - a relief worker. - She is very, very fat and it must be very tiring and difficult for her to get about at all, let alone work! - I guessed she must be a steroid victim (almost all extremely obese adults have become obese because of taking drugs prescribed for them by doctors who are not properly aware of their salt and water retention side-effects) and so I eventually asked her if she had ever been prescribed steroids and taken them. - Yes, she said, and they had made her put on a lot of weight...

Like every other steroid victim she had been given no warning that the drugs would make her sensitive to salt and would cause sodium and water retention if she were to eat salt while taking the steroids. - Her overweight is caused by this, not by overeating. I explained to her that it is not necessary, or even safe, to diet to lose weight. - She just needs to avoid eating salt and salty food. And she needs to eat plenty of fruit and unsalted vegetables and to get plenty of dairy calcium from milk and yoghurt, because salt sensitivity depletes the body of calcium.

She was very interested in this. I am sure that if she ever comes to help me again, she will be able to tell me she has followed my advice and is feeling much better for having lost a lot of weight - easily...(o:

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