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Sunday, 20 July 2008

An NHS chief has apologised 22 times for his hospital's failure to care properly for an 89-year-old war veteran who died of the superbug C. diff

Letter that proves the sorry state of NHS care for elderly
Article in the Sunday Telegraph


"In an extraordinary letter of confession, John Rostill, the chief executive of Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, tells Susan Davies repeatedly that he is sorry for his staff's failure to provide adequate treatment for her father, Vic Jones, who served as a corporal in the Army in the Second World War.

Mr Jones died in May of a C. diff infection, which he had contracted in Worcestershire Royal Hospital after being admitted with pneumonia.

According to Mrs Davies, conditions on the wards were "grim". Her father was left next to a window in blazing sunshine in temperatures of over 80F, causing him to become dehydrated, she said.

Water was placed where he could not reach it, the hospital ran out of his medicine, and staff failed to order probiotic drinks that had been prescribed for him.

"There were faeces on his bandages and on the walls," she said. "Every day there were signs of neglect. I had to constantly complain to get even the most basic care for him.""

This appalling, cruel, negligent treatment and suffering is what we pay our high taxes for!

And even now, some deluded people speak of the NHS as the envy of the world! - Yeah, right!

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