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Monday, 28 July 2008

Parents are to get school "fat reports" detailing their children's weight .

Fat reports on children to be sent to parents
Article in the Telegraph


"Rules to be introduced at the start of the academic year in September will see the parents of all children aged between four and five, and 10 and 11 receive the reports, after Government-commissioned research suggested the weight problem among Britain's children is worse than originally thought.

The most recent figures available show that one in 10 children aged between four and five are obese and 13 per cent are overweight, with the figures rising to 17.5 per cent and 14.2 per cent by age 11.

The research for the Department of Health reported that despite a well-publicised campaign to tackle childhood obesity and produce a comprehensive picture of the problem, the results "may underestimate the true population prevalence of obesity and overweight at national, regional and local level".

A Department of Health spokesman last night (SUN) said: "If you do not opt out and your child is measured at school you will automatically get feedback.""

It is appalling that parents are not being told what causes child obesity. - It is not overeating; nor is it inactivity. - The cause of obesity in children is the same as the cause of obesity in adults; it is fluid retention. In children a salty diet results in fluid retention and therefore weight gain/overweight/obesity. - To prevent or reduce child obesity it is necessary to reduce the amount of salt and salty food children eat. - They do not need to eat less food - just less salt/sodium. - There is more information here:

See http://www.wildeaboutsteroids.co.uk/sodium_foods.html and


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