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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

A study of more than 3,000 children shows that those who had a gene were less likely to feel "full" than their classmates. - False conclusions drawn.

Obesity gene 'increases appetite'
Article (about child obesity) in the Telegraph. - Here is the concluding paragraph:

""It is not simply the case that people who carry the risky variant of this gene automatically become overweight – but they are more susceptible to overeating. This makes them significantly more vulnerable to the modern environment which confronts all of us with large portion sizes and limitless opportunities to eat." "

I'm very sceptical about most gene research, including this research, led by Professor Jane Wardle, from University College London. - No doubt the actual findings are correct, but it's the unwarranted extrapolation - the conclusions/explanations/dodgy reasoning - that debases any claim to be good science...)o:

The genes in question won't have just suddenly evolved, will they? - But obesity and in particular, child obesity, are very recent. - But 'overeating' is not a recent phenomenon. And, unfortunately for Prof Wardle's 'reasoning', there is no research to back up her basic assumption that it is overeating that causes obesity. - Since the premise of her argument is false, so also must be her conclusion.

In addition, it should be remembered that heavier children need more calories than lighter children - to carry their heavier body around and to keep their larger body warm, so when they eat more than the lighter children, they are not necessarily overeating anyway...(o: - They are responding to their bodies' greater calorie requirements - what we might call their natural hunger/appetite.

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