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Monday, 24 November 2008

Chemotherapy contributes to a quarter of cancer deaths: study

The following post along with the Comment that accompanies it is copied and pasted from the Dr Rath Foundation's newsletter:

A new study has raised serious questions about the use of chemotherapy for late-stage cancer patients. The review of 600 cancer patients in Britain who died within 30 days of treatment has found that one in four of the deaths was either caused or hastened by the chemotherapy.
Read article on the ABC News website (Australia)
Comment: The use of toxic chemotherapy and other dangerous approaches to the treatment of cancer primarily serves one goal: to use the cancer epidemic as a global market for the pharmaceutical investment business with patented drugs. Unbeknownst to many of the patients who undergo these treatments, their most frequent side-effects include the causing of additional cancers - thus turning the cancer disease into a financial goldmine for the pharmaceutical industry. To learn about Dr. Rath’s discovery in cancer, and discover how the natural amino acid lysine and vitamin C can safely and effectively control cancer metastasis without the horrific side-effects suffered by chemotherapy patients, click here.

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