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Friday, 21 November 2008

Holes drilled in the wrong side of heads during surgery. - It's not Brain Surgery, is it?

Holes drilled in the wrong side of heads during surgery NHS watchdog warns
article in the Telegraph


"So-called wrong site surgery has been a consistent problem in the NHS and in some cases patients have died as result of having the wrong organ removed.

In 2005 the National Patient Safety Agency issued an alert to all neurosurgical units after an audit found there was no standard method of identifying which side the patient was to have surgery with some units marking with pen the side to be operated on and others marking the side not to.

Since the alert the NPSA have had another 15 reports of incidents in nine of the 36 neuro centres where surgeons have begun brain surgery on the wrong side of the head.

Another alert has now been issued saying it is still a problem.

The brain surgery incidents are among 56 wrong site surgical mistakes reported to the NPSA during 2007 and another 654 reports related to operating list errors where the wrong patient or the wrong operation had been planned."

Getting the right side? - It's a no-brainer!

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