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Sunday, 14 December 2008

A 12-year-old girl has become paralysed from the waist down after being injected with the cervical cancer vaccine, Cervarix.

Schoolgirl, 12, paralysed after receiving cervical cancer jab
article in the Sunday Telegraph


"Ashleigh Cave suffered headaches and dizziness minutes after receiving the injection, and has spent the last eight weeks in hospital having lost the strength in her legs.

Her mother Cheryl believes that her daughter's mystery illness is directly related to the vaccine, which is being administered to 300,000 12 and 13 year old girls in Britain in an effort to cut down on rates of the fatal disease.

Several girls in the US have been diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, which can cause paralysis, after being vaccinated by a similar product, Gardasil.

But doctors have ruled that Ashleigh's condition is not connected to the vaccination, and health experts have insisted that the vaccine is safe.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, the government agency responsible for monitoring drugs, said: "Guillain-Barré syndrome naturally occurs in the population. There is no good evidence to suggest that the Cervarix vaccine can cause [it].""

Well I wouldn't believe a word the drug monitoring agency says on this matter, because so many of its members are in the pockets of drug companies...)o: - More detail here:


and here:


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