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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Drinking too much water in too short a time is highly dangerous. It caused Jacqueline Henson's death.

Slimmer died in 'tragic accident' after drinking too much water during controversial diet
article in the Daily Mail


"Support worker Mrs Henson weighed 14 stone and had previously tried dieting through Slimming World and Weight Watchers without success, but she enrolled with LighterLife after seeing a television advert.
Mr Henson and their children Michaela, 20, Chantelle, 18, Shirelle, 16, Jermain, nine and Simone, five, all supported her attempts to lose the pounds. And Mrs Henson was delighted with the fast early progress.
'She wanted to lose the weight after she gave birth to Simone, she was unhappy with the way she looked and she wanted to do something about it,' said Mr Henson yesterday.
'She was so paranoid when she used to walk down the street, she used to think people were looking at her because of her size.'
Mr Henson, a house husband from Huddersfield, said: 'I never had any worries about her doing the diet, she had a full check up at the doctors before she started the diet and got the all clear.'
On 14 November she came home from a LighterLife meeting after being given a 'reward' of powdered food for making good progress.
'It was just a normal night for us, she came home and cooked tea for the family and she sat down to watch I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, bringing two, two litre bottles of water with her.
'He said she drank the bottles in the evening as she didn't have time during her busy day.
'She had nearly finished the bottles of water and she stood up complaining of stomach ache, I joked with her saying it was probably the amount of water she had just thrown back,' he said.
'I told her to lie down, but she threw up about half a pint of water on the floor, I rushed to get a bucket and got her to the sofa. She laid back and a bit later threw up another pint of water. She kept complaining about having a headache too.'
At 11pm she went upstairs and minutes later was found by her teenager daughter Chantelle, unconscious in the bathroom.
She was rushed to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary by paramedics, but went into a coma and died."

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