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Friday, 10 June 2011

Well done, BBC London!

Well done, BBC London! - I applaud the investigative journalism I read of in this BBC News item. "A government minister has called on the chief executive of Great Ormond Street Hospital (Gosh) to resign for "covering up" failings in the Baby Peter case. Liberal Democrat Lynne Featherstone accuses the hospital of withholding crucial information about the children's clinic where its locum doctor examined the toddler two days before he died.

It follows an investigation by BBC London which reveals the hospital failed to pass on to an official inquiry findings of a report into St Ann's clinic in Haringey, including the fact its senior doctor viewed it as "clinically risky". Home Office minister Ms Featherstone has said the government should investigate and called for Dr Jane Collins to step down. She said: "I'm disgusted. I cannot believe that anyone, let alone people in these very trusted positions, would hold back, withhold, doctor, cover-up information.""

It's a good job we have the BBC doing investigations - Panorama with its recent exposé of cruel maltreatment of vulnerable young adults in a privately-run hospital, and now this BBC London exposé of cover-up and dissembling by senior personnel at the children's hospital that served baby Peter Connelly so appallingly. Without the outside investigation by the BBC, the all-too-usual lesson would have been learnt, i.e. Make sure no one finds out the truth...)o:

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