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Monday, 4 August 2008

Fluoride could be added to almost half of all tap water under Government plans.

Fluoride could be added to 40pc of water
Article in the Telegraph


"Officials want 40 per cent of England's water supply to be fluoridated to reduce high levels of tooth decay.

Dentists leaders believe that adding the chemical to the water supply could radically improve the condition of people's teeth, particularly in deprived areas.

Alan Johnson, the Health Secretary, also backed the introduction of more fluoride into the water supply earlier this year.

Currently only around 10 per cent of all tap water has fluoride added, mainly in parts of the West Midlands and the North East."

I am very much against the addition of fluoride to tap water. Most toothpastes contain fluoride and using a fluoride toothpaste is a better way to get fluoride onto people's teeth than adding fluoride to the water supply.

1 comment:

  1. I never understood the scientific logic, if there is such a thing, in putting flouride in water. The flouridated toothpaste has a label that says "do not swallow." Maybe it is good for your teeth,(we don't think so) but it doesn't mean it is good for your insides. That is like saying that mouthwash is good for your breath so we should put it in the water and let people drink it too. My daughter lived in a town where flouride and chlorine were dumped regularly into the water. She looked terrible the whole time she was there: thinning hair, paleness, lack of strength, kidney and gall bladder pain all the time, weak, brittle nails. Sometimes I took water to her (from the well) but she also had to bathe in the city water, and her skin was dry and flakey. Her eyes watered and she looked like she had Crone's disease, which has something to do with the immune system. Her clothes all faded and wore out long before they should have. Now, happily, out in the country, her health is so much improved. Flouride is a poison, and dumping it in water is a way to get rid of it at a profit. I have heard it is also a way to debilitate people so that they are always tired and unable to stand for anything.