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Thursday, 4 September 2008

A new form of three dimensional scans could revolutionise brain surgery within a year, doctors claim.

Three dimensional scans could revolutionise brain surgery
Article in the Telegraph


"Some forms of brain surgery currently result in one in ten patients suffering a haemorrhage during the operation, because doctors find it difficult to get an accurate picture of the brain.

The new system involves taking hundreds of two dimensional brain scans, which are then modelled into a three dimensional image of the brain by a computer program.

Another computer program also calculates blood flow in the brain as well as key points where ruptures could occur, based on signals from a tiny machine guided by the surgeon. The system requires the processing of vast amounts of data, requiring up to 20 supercomputers across Britain.

These create "maps" with tree-like arrangement of arteries and brains to allow surgeons to remove blood clots and other life-threatening conditions."

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