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Monday, 22 September 2008

Potassium Chloride: why is it no longer available to buy and use as a salt substitute by people in the UK?

Years ago, it was possible for ordinary members of the public to buy potassium chloride in Britain. It was sold as a salt substitute under the name of Ruthmol. It's not manufactured any more and I don't think you can buy potassium chloride in any UK shops. - I wonder why? - Potassium chloride can be bought without any problem in the USA. - It can't be considered dangerous, surely? - LoSalt, which is freely on sale in Britain, is composed of 2 parts potassium chloride to 1 part sodium chloride. (Sodium chloride is the chemical name for ordinary table salt.)

Since it tastes very similar to table salt and can be used for cooking or for sprinkling as table salt is, it could be very helpful to steroid victims and others who need to keep their sodium intake to a minimum.
NOTE 1: I am not suggesting eating a lot of it. That would be unwise. - But used judiciously in place of its sodium counterpart, it would certainly reduce the excess weight and the suffering of steroid victims and other obese or morbidly obese people by reducing their fluid retention.
NOTE 2: Potassium displaces sodium in the body, thus removing some excess sodium and water from the body via the urine.

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  1. Can u tell me The name of potassium chloride etable salt which is easily available in india as I am suffering from high bp. My email address is mk_shukla_62@yahoo.co.in