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Thursday, 11 September 2008

A two-year-old girl who lost both her hands after contracting meningitis is to be fitted with a new set of prosthetic hands

Two-year-old girl prepares for her new prosthetic hands
Article in the Telegraph


"Tilly Lockey will be fitted with the £20,000 myoelectric hands in April, which will have full movement guided by a small computer device linked to the electrical impulse from her muscles.

Meanwhile, doctors have given her a silicone replacement to play with to get her used to having hands again, 18 months after they were amputated.

The money for her prosthetics, which are not available on the NHS, was raised within 24 hours, thanks to an appeal held in Tilly's home town of Tow Low, Durham.

However, because she is growing so fast Tilly will need two new sets of the myoelectric hands a year, at a cost of £40,000."

"Tilly contracted group B meningococcal septicaemia in January last year and spent four weeks in Newcastle General Hospital before she was allowed to return home.

The toddler then had to have both hands amputated at the wrist, and also lost all her toes."

It's a terrible financial burden for Tilly's parents. I personally think the NHS should contribute part of the cost. - You can read more about Tilly's story here http://www.tillylockey.co.uk/ and the site suggests that if you are a celebrity you may like to 'give a hand' by donating a signed hand print to be auctioned off with the proceeds going to help buy Tilly new prosthetic hands. .

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