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Friday, 29 January 2010

UK Population is Low in Vitamin D

50% of UK Vitamin D deficient
Spending too long indoors, applying excessive sun screen and the changing ethnic population is causing precariously low levels of Vitamin D in parts of the UK, warn Professor Simon Pearce and Dr Tim Cheetham at Newcastle University. "More than 50% of the adult population have insufficient levels of vitamin D and 16% have severe deficiency during winter and spring," they say.
Read article at publicservice.co.uk


  1. It's my belief that blood testing for 25(OH)D and supplementing vitamin D3 after testing, to achieve optimum levels, should be promoted for all of the population.

    This would result in better health and improved immune systems, which in the long term would reduce the overall costs of The NHS.
    There is no chance of this happening in reality.
    The NHS will spend billions on statins and other patented drugs to treat degenerative diseases, supplied by BigPharm companies at great cost to the taxpayer.
    Thus it will always be.

    In the meantime I'll optimise my vitamin D levels for a few pence a day, and hopefully steer clear of hospitals and doctors.

    I am in an experiment of n=1. To me, it's me and my health that matters more than anything else. You only get one shot at it. If you are healthy, then you will be able to help others better.

  2. I'm sure you are right, Bill.

    Optimising nutrition is the best way to maintain health and prevent chronic illness, avoidable disability and unnecessary suffering. And as you say, it costs far less than patented pharmaceutical drugs.