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Friday, 18 January 2008

Doctors in UK have never had it so good - and their threat to quit the NHS over reform plans will not be carried through - says medical student.

GPs are crying wolf

Extract from Guardian article:

"Of course the exodus from the profession will not happen. Doctors are happy to talk about thousands of people walking out in protest as long as it does not actually include them. They know when they have it good. They know that outside of London a secure job that pays more than £35,000 a year and provides a degree of respect and social standing is hard to come by.

Many senior figures within NHS management and the Department of Health have said that there are some senior doctors are refusing to attend internal and external management meetings and negotiations unless they are being paid to attend - on top of their salaries, at GMC rates that is about £100 an hour. Is it any wonder doctors are being left out of negotiations? This is scandalous and downright cheeky.

They may talk about their colleagues in law or banking earning many times the salary they do and yet they do not leave their jobs and retrain. I've lost of the number of medical students in their final year who've spoken to me of going to work in the City and the fabulous salaries they could command.

Do you know what - not one of them has taken a job anywhere but medicine. They knew and I know that if they went into my old City firm with the sheer arrogance they display as medical students they would have their bollocks chewed off by lunchtime.

I'm fed up with hearing that morale is at an all-time low when everywhere I go I see contented doctors who are happy to teach students and treat patients. They have made peace with the fact that they did not become bankers or lawyers and are happy to get on with it."

I agree with the writer of the article. Most British doctors are arrogant and overpaid, and would be unwelcome in any other workplace. In my opinion most do their patients far more harm than good because of their reckless over-prescribing of powerful pharmaceutical drugs/junk, the adverse side-effects of which they know too little, if anything.

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