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Monday, 21 January 2008

I watched Jamie Oliver's Channel 4 show: "Eat to Save Your Life" last night and found it, like the curate's egg, 'good in parts'...

I admire Jamie Oliver's campaigning, and in this programme he was right to draw attention to the poor quality and undesirable ingredients of much processed food and ready meals, and right to urge people to eat wholefoods and to cook from fresh ingredients.

But the nutritionist on the programme gave the usual misinformation that reducing calorie intake is the way to reduce or prevent obesity. - There is not a shred of evidence to support this claim. - It is categorically untrue. - As far as food intake is concerned, to reduce or prevent obesity it is chiefly necessary to minimise sodium/salt intake and to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. This is because obesity is caused by fluid retention, not by overeating. It is also necessary to avoid dieting; dieting is a major cause of weight gain and ill-health...)o:

Prescription drugs were not mentioned at all in the programme, and yet they are overwhelmingly the cause of the most severe cases of morbid obesity. - People need to be warned to avoid prescription drugs as far as they possibly can. They cause far more harm than good...)o:

You can read about fluid retention, and about fat retention, and about pharmaceutical junk and the harm it does, and about salt sensitivity and the groups of people vulnerable to salt - and much more - on my website. - And I'm not selling anything...(o:

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