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Sunday, 20 January 2008

One in five GPs puts drug reps above advisers

One in five GPs put drug reps above advisers

Extract from the Guardian:

"GPs should be made to declare the gifts they receive from drug firms, following revelations that one in five is more influenced by drug reps than official advisers when prescribing, MPs say today.

A report from the public accounts committee says the NHS spends about £200m a year more than it should on expensive medicines when there are cheaper generic versions available.

Edward Leigh, the committee's chairman, said the pharmaceutical industry spent £850m every year marketing its products to GPs. "It's hard to doubt that the blandishments of the pharmaceutical industry are having an effect. But GPs must concentrate more on following official guidelines, increasing prescribing of generic drugs where appropriate."

A survey by the National Audit Office revealed the extent of the influence on GPs by drug reps.

New drugs are protected by patent for up to 20 years so the maker can recoup research and development costs. But after that generics manufacturers can make cheap copies, giving the NHS the chance to save money. Yet firms frequently produce new, allegedly better, drug versions, and the slight changes bring them further patent protection, keeping the price up."

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