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Saturday, 26 January 2008

Eating extra dairy calcium reduces fat retention. - Read the evidence.

Interesting facts you may not be aware of about calcium and fat retention:

Women in particular tend to be short of calcium because people often tell them to cut down on dairy foods to lose weight or to reduce fat intake. But it is not necessary or desirable to cut down on milk. (Best to cut down on cheese though, or better still cut it out, because it contains a lot of salt.) Cutting down on milk will not make you slim. - AND more calcium WILL help you to lose excess weight - because extra calcium in the diet reduces fat retention....(o: - Danish research shows that eating extra dairy calcium, as in low fat yoghurt, increases, in a perfectly natural and safe, healthy way, the amount of fat lost in the faeces. It was shown on a BBC2 programme last year. -
BBC webpage about calcium from The Truth About Food series of programmes - Note: it does not require you to eat less or reduce calorie intake - only to EAT MORE CALCIUM. - If you do try the low fat yoghurt, make sure it's the ordinary low fat yoghurt, not the extremely low fat stuff,, 'cos that's always crammed with iffy chemicals...)o: If you don't like yoghurt, get some supplement tablets containing a mixture of calcium and magnesium (also necessary to reduce fluid retention and depression) from your local health food store and take them in accordance with the instructions on the pack. They will help with any night cramps that are disturbing you too. - And make sure you have enough vitamin D because vitamin D is necessary to metabolise the calcium.

Prescription drugs, especially steroids, HRT, some birth control pills and antidepressants, are a major cause of salt sensitivity/sodium retention/water retention and therefore a major cause of obesity, insomnia, avoidable pain, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. so if you possibly can, it is best to avoid prescribed drugs. - And MIND, the respected mental health charity, found that a walk in the country was more successful than antidepressants at relieving depression, and of course there are no bad side-effects to a walk in the country.

The way to reduce fluid retention is to eat less salt and salty food - or better still, cut it out completely. - Your body will still have enough sodium, because every scrap or food and every drop of water contains a little salt, and that is all the salt your body needs. And eat plenty of fruit and fresh vegetables because they help to rid the body of excess sodium and excess fluid.

Lose weight and benefit your health in countless other ways by eating less salt! - Go on! - Try it! - You will feel so much better! -
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