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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Cut children's salt intake to fight obesity. This will reduce the fluid retention that has caused them to become obese.

Cut children's salt intake to fight obesity

The so-called research in this Telegraph article claims that:

"Children who eat a lot of salt also consume more sugary drinks, increasing their risk of obesity, scientists have warned.

British researchers claim that cutting a child's salt intake by half can lead to a drop in the number of cans of fizzy drink they consume.

Children who halved their consumption of salt to 3g per day also cut out two cans of fizzy drinks a week, reducing their total calories by 250 a week."

This is utter tripe! - It is certainly true that reducing salt intake reduces weight - that, after all, is what this blog of mine is all about...(o: - But it reduces weight because it reduces fluid retention, NOT because it reduces calorie intake. - It has been demonstrated times without number that dieting (i.e. eating fewer calories) causes weight gain, not weight loss. - It is the salt reduction that causes weight loss, not any calorie reduction.

Here are the scientists who are promulgating this misinformation:

"The research, published last night in Hypertension, the journal of the American Heart Association, found lowering salt consumption by 1g a day would reduce consumption of sugary drinks by 27g a day.

For the study a team from St George's University of London, in Tooting, South London, analysed the records of 2,000 children aged between four and 18 from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey conducted in 1997."

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