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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Surgeons at a Bristol hospital 'failed to check baby after operation'

Surgeons 'failed to check baby after operation'

Extract from the Telegraph:

"A woman suffered brain damage as a new-born baby 22 years ago because heart surgeons failed to check on her for 60 hours after a botched operation, the High Court has heard.

Marianna Telles was treated for a heart defect during the scandal of multiple baby deaths at a Bristol hospital in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Her mother, Anna Redman, was in court yesterday after years of battling to sue the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

The surgeons involved were Janardan Dhasmana, who was banned from operating on children after an inquiry, and James Wisheart, a senior surgeon, who was struck off."

There is a huge amount of medical negligence in Britain, mainly, no doubt, because of the routine cover-up that usually is practised by medical colleagues and administrative staff. The system is notoriously self-serving, and whistle-blowing is regarded by the medical profession as more heinous than the negligence itself. - You can get a taste of this by reading this one account from out of the thousands of examples I could have chosen - Medical Scandal in Bristol
Monday 29 June 1998

In addition to the terrible avoidable suffering the negligence causes for its victims, there is the indefensible appalling wait to get to court if the victims decide to sue. - Just imagine! - That poor mother and her damaged daughter have waited decades to get to court. - This is par for the course and is a deliberate tactic medical defence lawyers employ. Many victims die before they get to court - and this, of course, is one of the objectives of the engineered delays. - Another objective is to wear out the plaintiffs so that they do not have sufficient energy, time or cash to continue the battle. - The discredited profession that likes to trumpet "medical ethics" should look to its disgraceful, unethical treatment of its many suffering victims.

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