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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Partial sight restored to one of Robert McNichol's eyes by pioneering surgery using one of his son's teeth...

Tooth transplanted into eye to restore sight

Extracts from the Telegraph:

"A man blinded in an industrial explosion has regained partial sight after his son's tooth was transplanted into one of his eyes in a groundbreaking operation.

Robert McNichol, 57, from Co Sligo on Ireland's west coast, suffered the injury during an accident at his waste recycling business two years ago.

Doctors at University College Hospital Galway told him there was nothing they could do but, refusing to be deterred, he found an expert in the UK performing pioneering surgery.

Known as 00KP, it treats severe cases of blindness by using a tooth to hold in place a man-made lens in the eye socket.

Mr McNichol's son Robert Jnr, 23, volunteered one of his teeth when he heard about the revolutionary procedure."

"The operation was carried out at the Sussex Eye Hospital in Brighton over several months ending last December.

The tooth was removed, chiselled through and a lens placed in its core.

It was then inserted into Mr Nichol's right eye after a series of gruelling operations."

"While he cannot see fully, the father of eight hopes that with time his sight will gradually improve and he can do everyday activities.

"It's pretty extensive stuff and a pretty rocky science, but I'm just over the moon that I can see and get around without a cane.""

Impressive stuff!

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