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Thursday, 14 February 2008

You can't credit cruelty like this. - The terrible suffering of murdered baby Jessica at the hands of her sadistic father.

Murdered baby was seen by 30 health workers

Extract from the Telegraph:

"A baby who was beaten and sexually abused before being murdered by her sadistic father had been seen by 30 health workers, a primary care trust has said.

Jessica Randall suffered a series of injuries at the hands of her father Andrew, including broken ribs and a fractured skull.

She was 54 days old when she died.

A report has revealed that Jessica, whose mother was schizophrenic, spent nearly half her life in hospital.

She was seen by 30 health workers and had also been seen at home on 10 separate occasions.

Yet no one noticed what was happening, so the emergency child protection procedures that could have led to her being removed from her family were not triggered.

However, the report from the Safeguarding Children Board for Northamptonshire failed to blame any individuals for Jessica's death.

Randall, 33, was jailed for life last March after admitting murdering his daughter. He was told by a judge that he would never be released.

He had abused and sexually assaulted Jessica, who was born five weeks prematurely with a heart defect, from "the moment she left hospital".

Randall fantasised about having control over women and had written poems about wanting to kill. At one stage he forced three fingers down his daughter's throat and on other occasions held her arms and legs and twisted her as if he were wringing a cloth."

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