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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

'Momentous day' for NHS as the first Constitution ends the era of doctor knows best with list of rights and responsibilities for patients and staff.

Gordon Brown signs first NHS constitution
article in the Telegraph


"The document explains clearly a collection of legal rights, pledges and responsibilities for both patients and staff for the next ten years.

Gordon Brown signed the Constitution at a ceremony in Downing Street saying it was a 'momentous day' for the health service in its 61st year however the Conservatives said it was 'toothless' and a missed opportunity."

I don't believe it will make much difference. - I wonder what is the exact meaning of the word 'legal' in this context? - Take these two 'legal rights' of patients:

To be treated with dignity and respect.

To refuse treatment.

If the patient is not treated with dignity and respect, what's going to be done about it? - If anything at all is done, I suggest it will be months later and that it may be on the lines of, "We are sorry that you feel that you were not treated with the respect to which you felt you were entitled. "

Right to refuse treatment. - When I refuse pain-killers because they do not work on me it is almost automatic for doctors to disregard my wishes and to try to persuade or bully me into taking them and then to blame me for being in pain because I won't take them...)o: They refuse to accept the fact that painkillers do not work on me...)o:

And this 'legal right' of patients:

To have complaints dealt with efficiently.

Not until herds of pigs are flying overhead, I reckon...)o: - NHS Complaints Procedures are notoriously partisan and do not help the complainants in any way whatsover, routinely wasting their time and energy and adding to their problems. There isn't going to be a seismic change, you can be sure. - To say that complaints will be dealt with efficiently - those are mere words.

See http://aboutsalt.blogspot.com/2008/11/uselessness-and-cruelty-of-nhs.html

See also The appalling way Andrea Carey has been treated by our "caring professions" and how NOTHING AT ALL has been done to help her! - The main purpose of a Complaints Procedure should be to take the complaint seriously and help the complainant as much as possible. - This is NOT what happens with the NHS complaints! Readers of this blog may like to write to the Healthcare Commission about Andrea Carey and try to get somebody to help her.

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