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Friday, 9 January 2009

If MPs wonder why voters are cynical, they need only consider the history of Labour's "promise" to get rid of mixed-sex wards in NHS hospitals.

Wards of shame
article in the Telegraph


"It is bad enough that patients already concerned about their health have to suffer the additional degradations and embarrassments that come with mixed-sex wards. It is intolerable that they must also put up with the continued pratings of Government ministers, who think that saying something is the same as doing it. Four times since Labour came to power this promise has been trotted out whenever a favourable headline has been sought. Ministers should either admit they cannot fulfil this pledge – or keep quiet until they have."

I suspect that if Ministers and MPs and their families had to use the NHS and get the same treatment as ordinary members of the public receive, that this deplorable situation would quickly be remedied.

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