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Monday, 4 May 2009

Should Heinz/Cow & Gate be prosecuted for not complying with food labelling legal requirement re Baby Balance biscuits, which contained trans fats?

The Times reports that "Parents are unwittingly feeding their babies and young children on items that may be worse for their health than junk food."

Sustain, a small charity that campaigns for healthier children’s food, has found that many baby foods promoted as 'healthy' are not, in fact, healthy for babies and young children. Some are, in effect, junk food.

Among the criticised products are Toddler’s Own mini cheese biscuits and Farley's Rusks.

I hope that there will be criminal prosecutions in connection with the false claims and misleading labelling, but I doubt that will happen because the food industry has many powerful friends and defenders, whereas mere consumers and their children have little influence.

Remember, babies and young children need to be protected from salt/sodium and salty foods. Child obesity is caused by sodium intake that is too high. It is not just salt that contains sodium. The raising agent in biscuits often contains sodium bicarbonate.

High sodium intake is a major contributory factor in many chronic health problems, as well as obesity.

Children and Obesity

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