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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Surgical Stockings Do Not Help Stroke Patients to Avoid Blood Clots

BBC News reports that around two thirds of stroke patients are unable to walk on admission to hospital and approximately 15% develop blood clots because of this lack of movement.

A large Lancet study, by the University of Edinburgh, involved over 2,500 stroke patients in the UK, Italy and Australia. They were divided into two groups. All received routine care, including aspirin and assisted exercise, but half were offered surgical stockings as well.

After 30 days there was no significant difference in the blood clot rate in the two groups but the group given stockings experienced more skin breaks, ulcers and blisters than those without.

Researcher Professor Martin Dennis said: "We have shown conclusively that compression stockings do not work for stroke patients.

"The national guidelines need to be revised and we need further research to establish effective treatments for these patients.

"Abandoning this ineffective and sometimes uncomfortable treatment will free up valuable resources in our health services."

If you cut down on salt and salty food you will reduce your risk of stroke and many other health problems.

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Read my Mensa article on Obesity and the Salt Connection

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