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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Further correspondence with Nick Clegg, MP, Leader of the LibDems

First read my recent blog post about Nick Clegg.

Yesterday I received a letter from Nick Clegg, dated 25 February. It says:

Dear Mrs Wilde

I understand from my caseworker that you became very upset during the conversation she had with you today.

I am sorry for this. I believe she was trying to explain that my diary commitments make it impossible for me to come to visit you again and that there are limits to how much pressure I can put on the food industry and on Government to improve the information given to people on the damage that salt in the diet can cause.

She apologises for any misunderstanding caused.

Yours sincerely

Nick Clegg

Today I responded with an email to this email address: libdemleader@parliament.uk
I wrote:

Dear Mr Clegg

Thank you for your letter of apology, dated 25 February 2010. It really is incredible that, after all the letters and emails I have been sending to you since 2005 even before you were elected to Parliament, you still, apparently, have not actually read enough to know what I am wanting your help with! - I have not wasted my scant energy as a steroid victim writing to you countless times in order to ask you to "put pressure on the food industry"! Good grief! I've not asked you to put pressure on the food industry! - Have you never read any of my letters?

It is abundantly clear that the leader of the LibDem party is not interested in helping me or the many thousands of other suffering victims of drug-induced morbid obesity in this country, nor in preventing thousands of other people from becoming new victims of reckless prescribing by some NHS doctors so ignorant of the side-effects of the powerful drugs that they do not give the VITAL warning that while on the medication the patient should avoid eating any salt or food containing any added salt.

What use is a constituency MP who doesn't bother to read any of the letters from a disabled constituent who needs his help? No use at all.

I've got the message. The LibDem leader doesn't care about steroid victims.

Yours sincerely

Margaret Wilde (Ms)

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