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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Corby Borough Council found guilty of negligence in the toxic waste/birth defects case.

Victory for the families damaged by Corby Borough Council's negligence between 1985 and 1999: BBC News reports that "Families who claim their children were born with defects caused by exposure to toxic waste in Northamptonshire have won a legal battle at the High Court."

The judgement was that 16 children had been born with birth defects because of the Council's negligence. - And this was not the only harm done to those children and their families by the Council's negligence. - The Council
made the children and their families suffer ten years of legal fight, needlessly. - I heard the Corby Borough Council chief executive Chris Mallender on TV and on radio today trying to excuse the inexcusable by playing with words, while I wondered how he could live with himself at the harm done by him and his Council to innocent children, living lives of constant and permanent pain and disability .

There is another BBC News report on the same news item here: 'Constant pain from a young age'. Both of these BBC reports carry details of the harm done to some of the individual children. I hope that Chris Mallender reads all the reports and thinks about the suffering negligently inflicted, instead of thinking how to twist the meaning of words in an effort to wriggle out of the Council's responsibility for that suffering and to try to avoid paying appropriate financial compensation to that Council's victims. The Council should be leaning over backwards to help the children and their families, not trying to do the least they can get away with.

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