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Saturday, 12 May 2007

Acne? Eczema? - Tried everything? - Try this! (It costs nothing...(o:)

Salt has bad effects on some people, and that's not surprising when you think about it. - Our long-ago ancestors did not eat salt; at least, the only salt they ate for thousands of years was the salt naturally present in their food - and that was a very small amount of salt indeed. - All food and all water has tiny amounts of salt/sodium in it, and it is on this small intake of sodium that our species evolved. We do not need the addition of further salt. - Logically, then, a low salt intake would be likely to be best for us.

Likewise, the present low potassium intake of most people differs markedly from the potassium intake on which our species evolved.

To improve health in general it is logical to assume that cutting down on salt and salty food, and eating more potassium-rich food (fruit and fresh vegetables) would be advisable.

Some people are susceptible to problems with salt; other people seem to be little affected or not to be affected all the time. Steroids, HRT, some antidepressants and many other prescribed drugs increase sensitivity to salt and can precipitate acne and eczema. - I am suggesting that cutting down on salt and eating more fruit/veg will gradually lessen problems with acne and eczema. - Why not give it a try? - It worked for me. - It could work for you. - It costs nothing; no drugs are involved; and there are no side-effects - other than benefiting your health in many diverse ways - lower blood pressure, lower risk of stroke, heart disease, enlarged heart, type 2 diabetes, cancer, dementia, obesity, etc...(o: - Go on! - Try it!

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