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Monday, 14 May 2007

Death from MRSA, following "awful" care in local hospital.

NHS critic's father dies after 'awful care' - Telegraph


"A former nurse who tackled Tony Blair over NHS failures in her daughter's treatment has lost her father to the MRSA superbug.

During the 2001 election campaign Carol Maddocks confronted the Prime Minister during an appearance on the BBC's Question Time programme and told him that the health service was letting down her daughter Alice, who had a rare blood condition. She was later invited to Downing Street where he pledged funding to improve registries of bone marrow donors to help save Alice's life.

Now Mrs Maddocks has described how her father Harry Lister, 74, died an agonising death after contracting MRSA following "awful" care in their local hospital.

"My father was let down by the NHS and we, as a family, are really angry about it. Society now accepts that when we go into hospital we could contract MRSA, but this should not be a risk we run," she told The Sunday Times."

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