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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

A call for change to the NHS. - But actually it should be abolished...

Doctors' leaders call for independent NHS - Guardian


"Ministers should hand control of the NHS in England to an independent board free from political interference, doctors' leaders said yesterday, in a document foreshadowing fundamental changes which Gordon Brown may introduce when he takes over as prime minister.

James Johnson, chairman of the British Medical Association (BMA), said it was "absolutely ludicrous" for ministers to take parliamentary responsibility for outbreaks of the MRSA superbug or other operational matters over which they could not be held accountable.

He released a discussion document proposing an independent board of governors, appointed by parliament. Its objectives would be enshrined in a constitution setting out the service's core values, explaining what patients can expect from the NHS and what it could expect of them.

Mr Johnson said there should be a national debate about which core services the NHS could afford over coming decades when a shrinking working population had to support growing numbers of older people. Although the BMA did not advocate rationing services, it thought some reduction in patients' entitlement was inevitable."

The NHS should be abolished - and the scandal-ridden GMC with it! - NHS hospitals are filthy and many of the hospital healthcare staff do not bother to wash their hands between patients, so that people are frightened of going into hospital in case they catch an infection there. Hospital food is poor, and some elderly patients starve because members of staff do not ensure that they are able to reach/access the food. GPs and other doctors recklessly over-prescribe drugs like steroids and then fail to monitor the patients who are taking them with the result that there are scores of thousands of innocent steroid victims in Britain. Complaints about poor treatment are futile: the NHS Complaints Procedures are not designed to do anything about the complaints; they exist only to pretend that something is done...)o: - Doctors are vastly overpaid and overprotected. - Incredibly huge sums of money are quite literally wasted on ill-conceived and largely unwanted grandiose IT projects. Drug companies skew research, bribe health professionals and cover up findings they do not want to be known... - I could go on - and on...

The NHS does far, far, far more harm than good...)o:

Lose weight by eating less salt! Go on! - Try it! - You will feel so much better!
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