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Monday, 7 May 2007

Misguided guides refused water to dying trekker, David Buschow, a fit 29-year-old US air force veteran and security guard from New York.

Hallucinating, vomiting and unable to stand, but guides refused water to dying trekker - Guardian

What a terrible story of foolish absolutist ideas! - So often people bully others with their misguided belief that mental effort can surmount the physiological limits of the human body. - Lacking necessary imagination and empathy they find the suffering of others all too easy to underestimate...)o:


""Dave is dead." The words came at the end of the second day of what was supposed to be a character-forming experience, a chance for 12 people to "experience the wilderness to the fullest".

Instead, the trek through the mountains and desert of Utah in the mid-western US left David Buschow, a fit 29-year-old US air force veteran and security guard from New York dehydrated and hallucinating, his eyes bulging and tongue swollen. Less than 10 hours after setting off from the group's overnight camp on the second day, Buschow collapsed and died.

According to the coroner's report, he died from "dehydration and electrolyte imbalance due to hiking in hot environmental temperatures with inadequate water and electrolyte replacement".

But, an inquiry has found, the three wilderness camp instructors accompanying the group did have water. They chose not to offer it to Buschow, preferring that he attempt to complete the day's task. Buschow died knowing he was just 100 yards from the spot where water had already been found.

On Friday the family of the dead man sued the school running the course and its guides, including Shawn O'Neal, who was with Buschow when he died. "He paid to experience wilderness. Instead of learning how to survive on his own, he was made to die," S Brook Millard, a lawyer for the family, told Associated Press."

"A Forest Service summary of that instructor's statement is chilling. "They were within 100 yards of the next water source," it reads. "Buschow dropped down again on the trail. Buschow was repeatedly encouraged to get up and continue to finish the walk - Buschow said he could not go on. He was encouraged again, telling him people can go further than what they think they can. Buschow requested that [the instructor] get water for him. [Instructor] said he would not leave him and that they would rest awhile. Buschow was laying down at this time on his stomach.

"Then, [the instructor] 'had a bad feeling and saw no sign of Buschow breathing, no chest movement'. Buschow did not respond to his name or shaking, he was turned over and his eyes were glassy."

The instructor yelled out three "hoots", the agreed distress signal, and the other instructors - one of whom was a trainee - ran to help. Two of them, together with two students trained in first aid, tried for half an hour to resuscitate him, while the third climbed a ridge to phone for help. When a rescue helicopter arrived an hour and a half later, Buschow was dead.

It has since emerged that two of the group members were offered and accepted water from instructors on the trek. Buschow was not given the option."

Signing a waiver seems a dangerous thing to do...)o: - My own sister suffered very poor treatment after signing one years ago in hospital.

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