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Sunday, 9 December 2007

Physiotherapists say that many people are suffering painful injuries from taking up ballroom dancing too vigorously after years of inactivity.

BBC's Strictly Come Dancing 'inspires' injuries

Extract from the Sunday Telegraph:

"Physiotherapists say that suddenly taking to the dance floor after years of inactivity risks a range of agonising injuries, as the tricky routines of dances such as the tango or foxtrot expose amateurs' poor fitness levels.

Dance schools across Britain say the number of people taking ballroom classes has doubled since the show began three years ago, while the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) says its members are treating more and more amateurs for snapped tendons, twisted ankles and back pain."

"Most common dancing injuries

• Ankle sprain: from toppling over

• Knee injury: caused by sudden twisting movements on hard surfaces

• Lower back pain strain: on the back from very controlled movements and lifts

• Foot strain: especially among women dancing in high-heeled shoes

• Hamstring injury: quick changes of direction take their toll

• Quadriceps: the repeated lifts of the leg can cause strain

• Shoulders: twisting and turning as well as keeping hands above shoulder height can cause strain"

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