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Thursday, 20 December 2007

Premium supermarket food is often unhealthier' than the budget versions. - Plus a warning about high salt content of bread from supermarket bakeries

Premium supermarket food 'often unhealthier'

Extract from the Telegraph:

"Luxury ranges of food in supermarkets are often less healthy than the budget versions, the consumer group, Which? reports today.

Researchers found that one in four shoppers buy these premium lines, such as Tesco Finest or Sainsbury's Taste the Difference, because they think the products are better for their health.

However, they are often the highest in saturated fat - one of the most unhealthy forms of fat commonly associated with strokes, heart disease and obesity. They also often contain more salt and sugar than the standard versions.

Morrisons' beef lasagne from its The Best range has twice the fat per portion of the budget version. Asda's Extra Special lasagne contains 0.9g of salt per 100g, compared with 0.6g in the budget Smart Price version.

Tesco sells Finest European chicken kievs with garlic and parsley, which contains 2.2g of sugar per 100g - almost four times as much sugar as its standard garlic butter chicken -breast kievs.

Meanwhile, at Sainsbury's, a Taste the Difference Cumberland pie, while having less saturated fat than the standard version, is more salty and has almost twice the amount of sugar.

Bread salt warning:

Which?, the consumer watchdog, warns today that bread bought from super­-market bakeries can be twice as salty as other loaves.

Which? says that pre-packaged bread usually labels its sodium content but fresh bakery bread does not. The bakery bread averages at about 0.9g of salt per 100g of bread, about 7.5g in a large 800g loaf. Asda's granary tin loaf has the least salt on average (0.5g per 100g). The four saltiest loaves (1.1g) were the Morrisons white and granary loaves, Sainsbury's white sandwich and Tesco granary."

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