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Monday, 6 October 2008

3 out of 4 British adults 'are too fat' but with unerring precision, obesity experts target the wrong problem yet again.

Three out of four British adults 'are too fat'
Article in the Telegraph


"Dr Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, the Harvard-trained associate professor of Medicine at America's Mayo Clinic, told delegates at the National Obesity Forum conference in London: "I believe that the UK's obesity problem is significantly worse than we thought.

"Our research has proved that one out of every five subjects with normal BMI has excess body fat, and that these people are at risk from metabolic abnormalities that lead to diabetes and eventually, to heart disease.

"Therefore, it is important to correctly identify these patients from a public health standpoint and be more precise about the changing conceptualisation of obesity."

He went on: "It is currently reported that 66 per cent of UK adults are either overweight or obese but based on our research, it is more likely to be at least 75 per cent. This clearly highlights that health care professionals must adopt body composition monitoring at an individual level to avoid mis-classifying patients with excess body fat as non-obese. If we do, we miss the opportunity to intervene and reduce the health risk in such individuals.""

"Dr Lopez-Jimenez concluded that doctors should use a technique called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis to work out how fat their patients are, rather than BMI. By sending an electric current through the body, this allows experts to detect when it encounters fat tissue and so calculate their body fat percentage."

Fluid retention in people who have become sensitive to salt is the cause of obesity, and it is fluid retention that needs to be addressed, yet it is rarely if ever mentioned or considered by these highly-paid clueless, useless experts...)o:

Pretty obvious really, isn't it? - If you are suffering from fluid retention/water retention, you must be overweight. - Right? - It is salt/sodium that holds that excess liquid in your body. - Cut down on salt and the fluid retention will get less - and so, just like magic, you will lose some of your excess weight...(o: - without drugs, without hunger, without dieting, without endangering your health, without counting calories...

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Read my Mensa article on Obesity and the Salt Connection

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