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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

I found David Craig's book, Squandered, very well worth reading. - It's about how the government wastes taxpayers' money.

I recently bought "Squandered" by David Craig, real name Neil Glass, and I finished it a week or two ago. I recommend this excellent, very detailed and well-researched book.

I hope it will be more widely read. The appalling waste, the fraud and hypocrisy, the cruel, casual unconcern for the have-nots in every sphere is horrifying and shameful.

We need urgently to halt the abuse of power and the insidious change from democracy to bureaucracy as the mode of government in the UK and the EU.

My personal bête noire is the NHS and the abuse of power by the system and by many health professionals.

In the light of the current financial scandals that are precipitating us to Hell in a handcart I expect David Craig is busy writing another book!

You can read what Jeff Randell thinks of the book in this article in the Telegraph - When our devious ministers inhale their own exhaust

And Dominic Sandbrook, Daily Telegraph, writes:
"...David Craig's chilling audit of government spending for the last 10 years - a book much more readable and entertaining than it sounds...a genuinely important book. It is no exaggeration to say that if the right people read it, take it seriously, and take appropriate action, this book could not only save the taxpayer billions, it could save lives....This is a terrifying book, but a brilliant and necessary one. Please read it."

Some of the examples of wasteful departments, etc are

Police/Public Order
The EU
The 2012 Olympics

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