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Saturday, 4 October 2008

I am very much opposed to the idea that fat children 'should be taken from parents and given stomach-stapling surgery'.

Exclusive: Fat children 'should be taken from parents and given stomach-stapling surgery'
Article in the Telegraph


"Tam Fry, a member of the National Obesity Forum's board, will tell a key conference that young people who are overfed by their parents should be treated as victims of abuse, just as malnourished children are.

He will argue that authorities should take obese children away from their families and into care, and that those whose health is at risk should then undergo stomach-stapling operations.

Mr Fry said parents should be allowed to visit their overweight children in hospital, but they must first be "frisked" to ensure they are not trying to smuggle them junk food or fizzy drinks.

He admits his ideas are radical and that he will likely lose a debate on whether child obesity should be treated as a form of abuse, to be held at the forum's annual conference on Tuesday.

But Mr Fry insists Britain's obesity epidemic poses such a risk to public health, with the overweight likely to suffer from heart disease and diabetes, that drastic action must be taken."

This guy is so dangerously ignorant of the facts about weight gain and weight loss, especially with regard to child obesity, that I believe he poses a threat to the health of overweight children and should at the very least be removed from the board of the National Obesity Forum. - If his suggestion were to be acted upon, this would be very harmful to the children chosen to endure the stomach-stapling operations.

Here are some FACTS about obesity:

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