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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Goodies and Baddies share the same stable...

Funny how big companies contain both 'good' brands and very unhealthy 'bad' brands - in my humble opinion, of course. - You may think differently, but I consider any highly salted 'food' to be 'bad' and harmful.

Take Unilever UK Ltd brands for example.

Some of their 'goodies' IMO:

Dove, Vaseline Intensive Care, Domestos.

Some of their 'baddies' IMO:

Pot Noodle, Peperami, Marmite, Knorr.

By the way, I looked up the ingredients of their Hellmann's "Olive Oil Mayonnaise". - Seems a misleading sort of name/description to me. - What do you think? - Here is the list of ingredients in Hellmann's "Olive Oil Mayonnaise" I have copied from their website:

Vegetable Oil (72%), Water, Pasteurised Egg and Egg Yolk (8%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (5%), Spirit Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Mustard Flavouring, Antioxidant (Calcium Disodium EDTA), Paprika Extract.

More than 14 times as much Vegetable Oil as Olive Oil...(o: - Surely it would be more accurate to describe it as "Vegetable Oil Mayonnaise?

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