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Saturday, 4 October 2008

McDonald's and a cup of coffee, pubs, salt, salty snacks, freebie nibbles, damage to health...

Many years ago while on holiday I spent a few hours in Gloucester and had a cup of coffee and nothing else in a branch of McDonald's there. - It was the hottest and the worst-tasting coffee I have ever had in my life...(o: and it was the only time I have ever visited a McDonald's.

People have told me that when you eat at McDonald's the person who serves you the meal always sprinkles salt onto the chips. - Is this true? or not true? or no longer true?

If true it would go a long way towards explaining why McDonald's meals tend to make their customers fatter...

Also in years past I've been in lots of places like pubs in which there were free nibbles provided - salted peanuts and other salted snacks. - It took me a long time to realise that these freebies were not provided out of generosity...(o: - but with the intention of making the customers thirsty so that they would buy more drinks. - Do these establishments still provide free salty snacks? - If so it's a practice that should not be encouraged because salt harms the health of a great many people.

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